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About Us
        Design of APARTMENTS and HOUSES
        Design of RESTAURANT, CAFE
        OFFICE design
        Design of SHOP, BOUTIQUE
        Design of MEDICAL CENTERS
        SPA complexes
        Design of BEAUTY SALONS
        Design of HOTELS, CASINO
Interior Design School

We make interior design

Design of an apartment, home, restaurant, office, beauty salon, hotel, shop, dentistry, medical center, casino ... The time has passed when we had little thought about it. Speaking in the language of Vitruvius, they cared about Benefit and Strength, forgetting about Beauty.

The interior design makes the world around us harmonious, influencing our worldview much more than we think.

A competent interior design solution is the zoning of space, ergonomic design of furniture and equipment, a complex color scheme, design lighting and engineering ...

Interior design is an exact match to the style, well-thought-out details, precise scales and proportions, texture interaction.

A successful interior is a new life filled with good mood, success and well-being.

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Some works:

Design apartment in minimalist style

Design modern apartment in Kiev

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