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        Interior of APARTMENTS and HOUSES
        Interior of Restaurant, Bar, Pub, Cafe, Fastfood
        OFFICE Interior
        Interior design of SHOP, BOUTIQUE
        Interior of MEDICAL CENTERS
        COMPLEXES of recreation and improving
        Interior of BEAUTY SALONS and BARBERSHOPS
        Interior of HOTELS, CASINO
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Alfa-A Studio: PRESS

Below are the links to the publication about the works of Alfa-A Studio and to the articles which we have published in various magazines.

New print publication of Alfa-A Studio's interiors and other works is available here (in russian)

The article "Personal cabinet" for office interior design can be found here (in russian)

The article  "Serving the empire" is presented here (in russian)

Text of article "So different offices"" is presented here (in russian)  

"Start Road" (in russian) , "Archidea" № 2, 2008

"Theater of beer" (in russian), "domus design" №3, 2008

"Office of tasty ideas" (in russian), "domus design", №9, 2009 

"Domestic Kitchen. Pivarium" (in russian), "Open Space" № 3, 2010

The article  "Luxury palace style" is presented here (in russian)

The article "Interior of the boutique" is presented here (in russian)

The article "Make a start from title" is presented here  (in russian)

The article  "Hotels and restaurants" is presented here (in russian)

 The article "Classic living for ever" (in russian)  

The article "Oh architecture!" (in russian) at this  link

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